Something in-between

Education is the movement from darkness to light Allan Bloom

I guess when you look at it metaphorically, yes, education is the movement from darkness to light. And for some strange reason, I’m thinking of Snoke from The Last Jedi before he got sliced in two by Kylo Ren.

But I digress. Sort of.

But I would like to say that when one moves from darkness to light, one could and can go back to explore the darkness. I say this as a storyteller. And I say this in terms of understanding fundamentally who you are as a person and embracing the light and the dark that exists within yourself.

Let’s be honest, light and dark and everything in-between live within all of us. And I believe education is achieved when one figures out a way move effortlessly and without conflict between light and dark and everything in-between. That is what makes us complex beings. We are not just light. We are not just dark. We are both and something in-between.

I believe this is a theme I will come to explore more often in my storytelling. I think I’m making my first real attempt at complexity in the novel I’m currently working on. The idea of this story, the story of my characters, my boys, excites me because it’s a huge step towards becoming the kind of storyteller that is buried deep in the marrow of my bones.

I knew from the moment my boys charged into my psyche — hellbent on leaving a path of destruction and hellbent on monopolizing my attention — they would push me to be stubbornly ambitious and give me the desire to challenge myself when it came to telling their story.

My boys are indelible. The taste of light and dark and everything in-between. My desire is to be true to my characters, to be faithful to their stories.

That is my ambition. That is my mission.