In the most unlikely of places

As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who will challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life — Amy Poehler

I’m very excited about this upcoming weekend. I get to hang out with my technical advisor (for my novel) and meet some new folks along the way. Not sure how much hands-on stuff I’ll get to do but I’m hoping to deepen my knowledge base on what my advisor is so well-versed in.

Aside from deepening my knowledge base, what I’m wistfully hoping for, is to make new creative connections and find new and challenging ways to push my storytelling abilities. Even if it’s not obvious right away, I wouldn’t mind if the potential for collaboration (done in a similar vein with my advisor) appeared somewhere down the road. It doesn’t have to happen right away unless there is a reason for it. I’m thinking about the need-to-be-told stories that haven’t made themselves know to me yet.

It also provides me with a break from the grind. Taking the break will be good for reinvigorating and redoubling my writing efforts.

I have no idea what to expect or what will happen in terms of meeting the other folks. I’d be happy with uncovering a kernel of an idea that can grow into something worth telling.

As it stands, I’m eager for Friday to arrive so that the adventure can begin. I’m eager to reset my brain. I’m eager for all sorts of possibilities to reveal themselves this coming weekend.

I tend to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places and in the most unlikely moments. This coming weekend fulfills both requirements.

Friday can’t come soon enough.

Need more stamped pages in the passport

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought — Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Research can be fun. And you might be asking yourself whether or not I’m a glutton for punishment or have a bizarre definition of fun.

If you’re doing research for your job, then okay, fun might be questionable depending on what it is you’re being asked to look for and examine. Right now, I’ve been unfortunate that some of the research I’ve had to do for work has been interesting and enlightening.

But I’m not really focussing on work-related research right now. I’m more interested in the research related to my writing. Recently, wanderlust has been attempting to settle itself into my bones. As much as I would like to pick up and leave right now to regions unexplored, it’s not going to happen just yet.

Work on the current writing project has me wanting to explore a specific region of the North American continent. The flight has been booked and the only thing I need to figure out is how much ground can I cover once I’m there. Nine days doesn’t seem long enough because of time constraints so it’ll be jam-packed if I do this correctly. If I had my druthers, it would be three weeks of field research, not nine days. Oh well.

I relish doing this kind of research because it addresses my wanderlust. But then I forget how tired I can be after doing something like this. Invigorated but tired. Working vacations/field research tend to have that effect. But I think I’ve factored in enough decompression time that I won’t be telling colleagues when I return to work that I need a vacation from my vacation.

I told my best friend about the research trip because who doesn’t want to escape for a little while. She wanted to come with me but her life is pretty busy so it’s not going to happen this time. One day, we are going to travel together to some fun location and have the time of our lives. Still have no idea where that would be since she’s travelled to more places than I have. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind having a few more stamps in my passport. Well, maybe a lot more stamps. Hopefully, it will happen. Travel is on my top ten list but not the top five. Not too concerned about it right now.

Another field trip. It gets the heart beating a little faster. It refocusses the energy. Yep, I’m ready.

Wandering with a purpose

I don’t do a lot of research, exactly, but I’m constantly wandering through the world finding things incredible and remembering them – Nick Harkaway

I would like to say I don’t do a lot of research when I’m working on my writing but the truth is I do prep work.

Some things take more prep work than others and that is only because things I find interesting I tend to file away in my head until it’s time to pull them out and utilize them. That bank of knowledge and information can and has reduced my prep work significantly.

I’m having a good time conducting my current field research. A lot of it is planned wandering, if that makes any sense to you. It makes sense to me. This coming week should prove more interesting and I’m looking forward to absorbing what I’ll see and experience. Some pieces of information will do a slow burn in my brain whereas other pieces of knowledge will immediately produce some great material for my present and future writing projects.

No doubt that there will be some things I think I’m unable to remember but will suddenly remember during the most interesting moments. Never fails.

Hate to cut it short. I’ve got a busy week ahead. Lots of wandering. With a purpose. Later, folks.