Never ending journey

I don’t have many friends. It’s not because I’m a misanthrope. It’s because I’m reserved. I’m self-contained. I get all my adventures in my head when I’m writing my books Ian Rankin

Well, I surprised myself. Last Wednesday, I received an email from McNally Robinson Booksellers informing me that my book, Risk, made their weekly bestsellers list.

It showed up on the paperback fiction category in the #2 spot. I almost fell over. Not really but the sentiment was there. I had read the email on my phone when I arrived at work. I looked around and immediately told two of my co-workers by showing them the list that was included in the email.

I was shocked at the book’s placing and I’m still shocked now. It’s just weird. So, after I told my co-workers, I blurted it out onto my social media. And viaTwitter, that’s how more of my co-workers found out. It blew up on my personal Facebook page where a good numbers of folks happily freaked out with me.

Despite being absolutely floored by how well the book did the in its first week out, I’m thinking and pondering future projects that will challenge me.

I’ve been in touch with my mentor via email and he’s excited about the one of the things I want to tackle. Sometimes he’s too enthusiastic which kind of worries me because it makes me think he’s more aware of my potential than I am. I certainly hope I can meet the challenge.

When he returns from his travels, we’re going to get together over coffee and we’re going to hash out ideas and the joys and grief of this new endeavour has to offer. Makes writing a new novel way easier and more appealing.

This new endeavour is definitely going to challenge me. It might even scare me. But they say if something scares you, you should do it. And judging by my mentor’s enthusiasm, I might be more than a little nervous about this.

And yes, I’m back to being vague because that’s one of the things I do best.

But I have research to do which means I have to do some reading. Well, maybe a lot of reading. And that includes reading a 400+ page book before I meet up with my mentor again which is roughly four weeks away. Jesus Christ. Reading 100+ pages per week is doable, right? Although, if I’m making notes, it might make life interesting.

Of course, I’m going to mourn the fact that I’ll have to cut down my recreational reading. You don’t want to know what I’ve been reading. I’m addicted to it so withdrawal shouldn’t be bad if I wean myself carefully. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be functioning with minimal sleep. And I know my body can’t sustain that for any extended period of time.

Looks like I’ll be exercising my time management skills again which might make some folks think I’ve returned to being anti-social. Not anti-social. I just have way more fun and adventure with my imagination. That’s all.

So now, I take a step into the unknown with only my instincts and a couple of supportive friends/mentors to help me figure my way through the creative process again.

I’m beginning to think that the longer I do this, the more aware I become about the stories I want to tell. The more exacting I need to be to become the storyteller I’m pretty sure I can be.

It’s a never ending journey. But it’s a journey I will always happily take.

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