Wandering with a purpose

I don’t do a lot of research, exactly, but I’m constantly wandering through the world finding things incredible and remembering them – Nick Harkaway

I would like to say I don’t do a lot of research when I’m working on my writing but the truth is I do prep work.

Some things take more prep work than others and that is only because things I find interesting I tend to file away in my head until it’s time to pull them out and utilize them. That bank of knowledge and information can and has reduced my prep work significantly.

I’m having a good time conducting my current field research. A lot of it is planned wandering, if that makes any sense to you. It makes sense to me. This coming week should prove more interesting and I’m looking forward to absorbing what I’ll see and experience. Some pieces of information will do a slow burn in my brain whereas other pieces of knowledge will immediately produce some great material for my present and future writing projects.

No doubt that there will be some things I think I’m unable to remember but will suddenly remember during the most interesting moments. Never fails.

Hate to cut it short. I’ve got a busy week ahead. Lots of wandering. With a purpose. Later, folks.

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