Don’t know about you, but I didn’t get to see the Hunter’s Moon this weekend since I was working Saturday evening (of course, it was a clear sky) and last night, it rained. Boo.

I should have been in Bogota, Colombia. I saw a photo of it posted by someone I follow on Instagram. Glowing bright and beautiful.

Anyway, this week I get to have lunch with a couple of friends (who happen to be talented artists) I haven’t seen since late spring. It’ll be a gabfest. I’m not sure we’ll get to say everything we need to say to each other before we have to go back to our little corners of the universe. That’s only because we have a habit of going off-tangent, once and awhile. I guess that means another lunch date with them before Christmas.

Then, last night, I got invited to a book launch by my writing mentor. He will be interviewing the author at the launch and thought I might find her book interesting. I’m going to go to it. Besides I haven’t seen my mentor in a couple of months. I think we’re overdue for a good chat.

The final American presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is this Wednesday. I was fortunate enough to be entertained by Twitter during the first two debates and skipped watching the televised events. I may not be so lucky for the last one. I work at a place where a number of eyeballs will be glued to the TV to see what flies out of Donald Trump’s mouth. I may have no choice but to accept his racist and misogynistic rants as workplace ambient noise. Ambient noise and Trump don’t exactly go together.

Can you tell I am no fan of that narcissistic, thin-skinned, mean-spirited, hateful, sociopathic asshole? If I was an American voter, Clinton would get my vote.

I don’t think it will be much of a stretch to say that this American election will be the most closely watched and scrutinized election by those living outside of the United States, especially by its neighbours, Canada and Mexico. The bars and the pubs will be busy that night. I’ve been invited by a friend to watch the election at a local pub. Haven’t decided whether to go or not. If I do, it will be a last minute thing.

Otherwise, I’ll watch Netflix and catch the last hour or so of the election coverage or head out to a movie theatre and watch Doctor Strange.

I’m craving hot buttered popcorn right now. But I don’t have any on hand… ok, I could go for butter-flavoured rice cakes instead… great, looks like I don’t have that on hand, either… grapes! I take grapes. I suppose you’re wondering why I would willing eat rice cakes. I eat them because I actually like them. A trip to the grocery store is needed.

There are a few more things I need to sort out before the upcoming research trip. Not feeling super excited yet. But I’m sure that will change soon enough. Hoping to have a blast learning what I need to know.

Learning new things, especially when I want to learn, is a blast. And applying what I will learn will be even better.

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