Surrendering to the process

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control — Julia Cameron 

This week I’m going to spend some time with the fictional characters for my next novel. You know… sit down with a glass of whiskey and catch up on what my two boys have been up to while I was busy with life and doing a little informative reading.

After a couple of months of research and letting that knowledge slowly sink into my bones, it’s time I paid a little attention to them.

No, I’m still not done the research because it involves a ‘field trip’ near the end of October. Yes, I’m currently in ‘pause’ mode until I can roll up my sleeves and write like a demon possessed. However, I’m getting to the point where I need to start writing regardless of the status of my ongoing research.

So, next best thing is to let the boys bounce around in my head and engage in a lively discussion about what they want to do with the research I’ve done so far. I have a few ideas. I’m sure they have a few ideas, too. But I also have some tough questions for them (and for myself) that need clear answers or at least a clearer direction.

The boys love the fact I’ve been working on my Spanish. I think it took me awhile to finally stop pronouncing some of the Spanish vocabulary with a French accent. This is what happens when you’ve been learning to speak or read French for a good chunk of your life. And after all this time, I’m still better at reading French than speaking the language. That may hold true for Spanish, as well. But I’m hoping I can change that and be equally functional in both reading and speaking Spanish one day. Sólo puedo soñar sobre él. I think I said that correctly. I could be wrong.

I think I’m going to spend the afternoon with my boys today and start surrendering to the process again. I’m going to put on some music (Game of Thrones and Narcos soundtracks come to mind), make a mug of hot lemon water, have pen in hand, paper waiting to be inked and have a lovely conversation and get some shit sorted out.

The whiskey will be on standby once day morphs into evening.

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