Focusing ahead

August brings into sharp focus and a furious boil everything I’ve been listening to in the late spring and summer — Henry Rollins

The dog days of summer are coming to an end and I gotta say that the dog days in this part of the world were not all that hot and sultry. Yes, there were days of really good weather but the temperatures rarely went above 30 degrees celsius.

The dog days of summer — the time period from July 3 to August 11 — were marked by a lot of rain which wreaked havoc on my vegetable garden. It’s a sad looking lot this year. The sweet potatoes still hold promise. Maybe it won’t be a complete write-off this year. The apple tree has been productive, too. That means there will be plenty of apple cider next month. Yum.

I managed to finish the book I was reading for research for my short-story-turned-novel. The next research book is waiting for me but it seems I’m still digesting the first one. My brain is probably trying to avoid blurring the information that’s swimming in my head by not going from one book to the next. Sounds reasonable.

But I think it’s time to start reading the next book. So, I’ll start on the first chapter today. Dip my toes into the pond again. I gotta admit, I have itchy fingers. I want to start writing again — i.e. pound the keyboard — but I think it’s in my best interest to hold off on that until the majority of the research is done. I’ll still do some writing but it will be all in my head and I can jot down notes and ideas on how the story could shape itself. However, the actual writing will have to wait.

Then there are plans to be made with my best friend. Plans that need to be defined at its most basic stage even though we’re pretty good at flying by the seat of our pants. It’s something I hope can be solidified by the end of this week. Then everything within that time period will be fluid yet definable. So many options. So many choices.

We’ll see what this week holds.

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