Getting there

Last week, I wrote about wanting and needing to put in some quality time working on a short story and its two main characters. Well, I did it.

Everyday for the past week, I spent some time in the sandbox with my two boys. And I plan to do that until the story is done. Whenever that happens. Christ, the boys were fucking happy. To be honest, I was fucking happy, too. So what if I find a bit sand in my underwear. When you’re this tempted, engaged and focused, nothing else matters. Unless life tries to pull you out of the sandbox to tell you have shit to do. Yeah, that’s a bit of a bummer.

I didn’t spend all my time in the sandbox tapping out words on the keyboard. A part of that time was spent staring at the screen listening to P!nk’s Try and conversing with the characters as to what they wanted to do in a particular scene. Yes, the boys have a thing for Try. This is a new development. And yeah, I’m all for anything that gets the boys inspired, hungry, animated and rattling off at me. They are fun to watch and interact with.

Aside from staring at the laptop screen, I also spent time doing a bit of research. And there is always that fine line when you’re doing research for a story. How much is too much? When is it not enough? This is where you hope your instincts will tell you what’s enough for you. I think it never hurts to over-research something. It’s more a matter of how much of that research should actually appear in the story.

There’s not much appeal for me if there are paragraphs containing considerable technical jargon or over-explanations because you feel the need to put it in the story when it probably doesn’t require it. It bogs down the pacing. It’s something that makes me somewhat nervous when it comes to my own writing. I don’t want to over-explain something nor do I want to throw in technical jargon that does nothing to further the story and befuddles the reader. A good chunk of the research I do is for my education and to be comfortable with the ideas I may throw into a story.

I’ve written enough in this past week to be happy with my production level. Of course, this week, I’m hoping to write more. I wouldn’t say that I’m hitting my stride because I know how much I can write in a day. I just have the makings of hitting my stride. If I go at it long enough again, nothing will stop me even if life interrupts. To hit the ground running is key for me regardless of the time I spend away from the keyboard.

If the boys are on their game, I’m on my game then I get to tell a fun story which I’m excited about because I guess one would consider it a mash-up of a couple of genres. I don’t intentionally create new genres. It’s just the way my brain thinks and the way I see the story unfolding. I can say it’s one genre with a healthy dose of another genre thrown in just to make things ‘interesting.’

Call it a warm-up for the other project that’s sitting on the back burner. Here’s to another week of writing.

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