One foot on the ground

I make sure I always surround myself with good, down to earth, fun, real people, who always keep me grounded — Sean Kingston

I’ve never considered myself a social butterfly nor do I think I’ve ever behaved that way for a specific period during my life. I’m definitely not a Chatty Cathy.

But I do appreciate the gregarious natures exhibited in a good chunk of my friends. Thankfully, none of them are Chatty Cathys. The fact that anybody can run their mouths off like there’s no tomorrow is astonishing and physically and mentally fatiguing to those who have to listen to them.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reminded of the importance of friends who I hold close to my heart and whose presence in my life are good for my soul. It wasn’t the kind of reminder that screams from the tallest building for anyone and everyone to hear. It was the kind of reminder that calmly comes up behind me and places its hand on my shoulder to remind me I can lean on them. No drama. No showboating. Just a quiet strength I can use when I need to call on it.

I’ve never understood why a person would want scads and scads of friends. Maybe it’s a different kind of hoarding. I think part of it is based on the personality they possess. Some people are good at maintaining a huge swath of friends.

For someone like me, maintaining a huge swath of friends seems like a lot of work. I’m happy with the people I have in my life. It took me a good chunk of my twenties to figure out what I wanted out of life and who were worth keeping as friends as I went through the process.

Turns out I’m still shedding and refining the relationships I want to keep today. And I’m still figuring out what I want out of life. I think I’ll always be hungry for more out of my life.

This shedding and refining is a continuous process. I’d like to think that the friends I have now will be the ones I have 10 to 25 years from now. But I also understand the fluidity of life. I hope the people I am closest to and cherish their friendship the most will continue to be in my life for a long time to come. As for the rest, the fluidity of life dictates that change is constant. Therefore, I’m fine with relationships that ultimately have a limited shelf life. As long as the relationships were positive and nurturing during its existence, I’ll consider myself lucky for having known those people during that time. Anything less than that, well… I’ll consider myself lucky that it’s over.

The friends I cherish the most are the ones who keep me grounded so I can soar. They make me happy. I am blessed. I am lucky. I am ready to soar.

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