Flowers not needed

Yeah, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Whoop-dee-fucking-do.

The day for overpriced roses, wine and dinner. And if you play your cards right, you just might get a little nookie for your efforts. But I think today would be far cheaper for flowers and dinner for the same effort and results.

Can’t be bothered with that nonsense. I’m not saying that because I’m lacking in the romantic partner department. If I was in a romantic relationship, I’d make the poor bastard eschew the commercial trappings of Valentine’s Day because he knows the way to my heart has nothing to do with giving me flowers and all that sappy shit.

I must admit yesterday wasn’t spent cursing that fact it was Valentine’s Day. Refreshing considering the past few years were spent wondering why the hell everyone in the first world needed a special day to show their significant other that he/she is loved.

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon hanging with my CrossFit peeps at an in-house Valentine’s Day couples CrossFit competition. I wasn’t competing, I was cheering. A couple of my friends asked me why I hadn’t entered.

Well, because I wanted to see what it was all about.

More like I wasn’t sure if I could find someone who would do the competition with me. I was assured someone would have stepped up to the plate and joined in the fun. You won’t place in the top three with me as your partner. But I would guarantee camaraderie and shits and giggles of the highest order.

Also, my shoulder injury is almost healed. No point in putting myself in a situation where I could inadvertently re-injure the shoulder. That would also be the reason I won’t be participating in this year’s CrossFit Games Open. Kinda bummed about that. I really wanted to do it again after last year’s experience. I’ll still checkout the WODs and maybe give them a go with some modifications during one of my workouts. Next year, I’ll do the Open. I’ve got the year to get stronger and make some gains.

Anyway, it was fun to watch the teams compete and get a look-see at how a couples competition works. If they do a Valentine’s couples competition next year, I just might go searching for a partner. I know the folks at the gym/box would be more than willing to ‘match’ me up with someone.

After the competition had ended, I went home, watched some Netflix and finished watching the Star Wars prequel trilogy for the first time ever. Now, I know why Jar Jar Binks was so reviled.

I’m also re-acquainting myself with the original trilogy. I’ve watched Star Wars: A New Hope already. Interesting watching it again after 30-plus years. I had planned to watch The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi but they were put on hold for Secretary starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The movie is my one nod to Valentine’s Day. No point in acknowledging Valentine’s by watching some sappy rom-com.

Something a little more subversive (according to what Hollywood standards could bear in 2002) was in order. Secretary just happened to fit the bill although I wouldn’t have minded watching more subversive material because I have that kind of sensibility. Sure, the movie had what one would consider a happy ending but the journey getting there was interesting. The two main characters were damaged enough to make it engaging for me to watch. Let’s be honest, you can’t possibly go wrong watching Spader’s and Gyllenhaal’s performances. They’re such great actors.

Enough of Valentine’s crap. This week promises to be busy and I have the emails to prove it. Also, some of my characters for the next novel seem to be vying for my attention so I’ll need to set aside some time to play with them. Naturally, they want my undivided attention just as other parts of my life are gearing up to monopolize a fair chunk of my time.

Never fails. Been this way since I started writing. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. And I’m not. Thankfully, this is the first time it doesn’t annoy the hell out of me that I have projects pulling me in different directions. I think it’s due to where I am in the creative process and my approach to it. It’s been easier to roll with it despite what life may throw at me. I’m pleased with this personal development.

There are other reasons for the change but I won’t get into it. A little too esoteric, I think. A handful of people know what the change is and they’re excited for me. Last Saturday, I told one friend that I felt like a 5-year-old on a perpetual sugar high. He laughed. He laughed even harder when he asked me after I did my morning workout, what else was on the docket for the rest of Saturday and I replied that I would be reading porn. Nothing fazes the man. He has learned not to be surprised by whatever comes out of my mouth. He figured I was doing research for a future writing project.

Well.. yes and no.

Anyway, I got a busy week ahead. Let the good times roll.

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