Slow and steady

I am one month away from running another 5K race or fun run as some folks would like to put it.

I’ll be participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure on Oct. 4. And I’ve been doing some fundraising with the help of relatives and a fundraising web page courtesy of CIBC and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I’m committed to raising $300 and I’m pretty sure I’ll hit my goal.

I realize doing a 5K run might not sound as challenging as running a half marathon or a full marathon but you gotta start somewhere. Right? FYI, I have NO plans to train for a half or full marathon. I really can’t see myself doing it. It might be too much wear-and-tear for my body.

I won’t completely dismiss the idea of participating in a 10km run in the future but it’s something I’ll mull over during the winter. I wouldn’t mind trying hill training and speed work. Those are things that are introduced once you start training for a 10K run. Of course, that’s also when you start running for distance instead of running for time. Naturally, pace becomes a factor. Ugh.

So, how has the training been going for me with the 5K Clinic folks? Okay. Yes, I know, it’s not a resounding ‘great’. My injuries have mostly healed. And it’s probably a matter of getting my endurance back to where it was pre-injury. Knowing that doesn’t necessarily keep the frustrations at bay. Balancing workouts and injury recovery has been interesting in a summer where I’ve been the most physically active since my days as a horse owner. Some days I have to remind myself to take everything with a grain of salt and remember the bigger picture.

I think I’ll be able to shave time off from my first 5K run. It’s a question of how much. And that is dependent on how well I trained, what I put into my body in terms of nutrition, how my body will feel the morning of the run and whether or not I’m in a good mood.

One of my running mates, Sara, plans to shave 10 per cent off her previous time for the Run for the Cure. Given that she has a naturally faster pace than me, I don’t think she’ll have a problem achieving it. She’s Speedy Gonzales. Me? I like to think of myself as a turtle. Not a ninja turtle. A turtle. Maybe I’m selling myself short but that’s how I see myself as a runner.

Shaving 10 per cent off my time from my inaugural 5K run would be awesome but it seems a little daunting. I’m overthinking. More like over-ruminating. My biggest training goal is to be comfortable running for time. Once that happens, moving at a quicker pace will happen on its own.

Anyway, as long as the time for the upcoming 5K run is shorter than the previous run, I’ll be happy. Don’t know how happy I’ll be running the last kilometre but I’ll be happy when I cross the finish line.

Slow and steady. Just keep moving. One foot in front of the other.

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