Fools and adventure await

New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time – James Agate

While tolerating fools more gladly sounds like a great idea, the fools I’ve dealt with have always felt emboldened to take up more of my time until I told them to go fuck themselves.

I’ve tolerated boatloads of fools to last me several lifetimes. I’m done with fools. But I know as much as I’d love to go the rest of my life without dealing with fools, malcontents (the bad kind, not the good kind) and morons, I know they will keep popping up in my life. And in everybody’s life, for that matter.

A New Year’s resolution to tolerate fools more gladly is not on my list… assuming I ever had a list to begin with.

My resolution is easy. To make the coming year more interesting than the last. I think that covers a lot of stuff. And the ‘interesting’ bit of the resolution can refer to things or situations that give you joy or grief. I never said the resolution was geared exclusively to positive things, even though that’s what I’m aiming for. The possibility of falling short is always there.

2014 has been surprisingly good year. The biggest accomplishment being the completion of my first novel back in January. Even though I’ve had most of the year to mull it over and embrace it, I still don’t really think of myself as a writer or a novelist. That’s probably because I still have a day job I still enjoy on occasion. Maybe when I write my second novel, I’ll finally accept the label.

I also managed to find a balance in my life that kept me sane even when things had gone awry. It helps being relationship-free. None of the drama and self-doubt that you fall into when you discover out you’re with the wrong person.

I suppose there are benefits to being in an emotionally and physically intimate relationship with someone. That’s what I’ve been told. I’m only familiar with a lot of mirages. A lot of talk and nothing to back it up.

Yep. My love life is either a train that never left the station or it suffered a derailment with no hope of rescue and cleanup. I find the whole thing draining. It upsets the balance I had before I thought about boarding the train and leaves me trying to locate (yet again) my sanity and the balance that fucked off without telling me where it went.

Yeah, I take full responsibility for my choices. Every single one of them. Good, bad and ugly. At least I had the sense to eventually walk away when and after things went sideways.

Maybe 2015 will be better. But I’m not holding my breath.

Aside from having a romantically bruised and beaten heart, I really am looking forward to 2015. Adventure awaits. Pretty sure New York City and New Jersey will be destinations this year. Vancouver is a given because that’s where my bestie lives. Besides I want to meet her handsome new furball, Tigger. Apparently, he bounces like his namesake, too. Calgary might be a stopover before Vancouver but I’ll have to figure that one out.

Literary adventure awaits, too. Once the research begins, I know writing the story that has been simmering in my head for over a year, will be a blast.

But before I start the new year with loads of promise, I plan to finish off 2014 by attending my first ever Winnipeg Jets game since their return. Should be fun and noisy. Then there is a bottle of Spanish cava waiting to be opened just before the stroke of midnight. But it does hinge on me actually figuring out how to uncork it without breaking something. Maybe I should start figuring it out around 11:30 pm.

That should give me plenty of time, right?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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